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We are a biopharmaceutical company developing targeted therapies for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases. We use our proprietary technology to create novel small molecule drug conjugates, or SMDCs. We are also developing companion imaging diagnostics for each of our SMDCs that are designed to identify the patients whose disease over-expresses the target of the therapy and who are therefore more likely to benefit from treatment. This combination of an SMDC with its companion imaging diagnostic is designed to personalize the treatment of patients by delivering effective therapy, selectively to diseased cells, in the patients most likely to benefit. Our lead SMDC, EC145, targets the folate receptor, which is frequently over-expressed on cancer cells. We have chosen platinum-resistant ovarian cancer, or PROC, a highly treatment-resistant disease, as our lead indication for development of EC145. We have begun enrolling patients in PROCEED, our phase 3 registration trial for EC145. Our lead companion imaging diagnostic is EC20. We are developing other companion imaging diagnostics to target other receptors, including prostate-specific membrane antigen, or PSMA, to guide future development of our SMDCs in other oncology indications and inflammatory diseases.